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Voice Mask: A Concept Wearable Device for Confidential Online Meetings

JAPAN -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Oct 01, 2021

Kunihiko Sato Introduces Voice Mask, a Wearable Device That Mutes Your Voice


Voice Mask: A Concept Wearable Device for Confidential Online Meetings

Kunihiko Sato introduces Voice Mask, a concept wearable device designed to address the challenges of participating in online meetings from public spaces. The device utilizes noise-cancelling technology to mute the user's voice, preventing the disturbance of others and protecting confidential information. The idea was conceived in 2015, with the patent successfully registered in 2018. The product design was completed in February 2022.

Voice Mask is a foldable device that can be worn around the neck, covering the user's mouth to effectively mute their voice. It is designed to be portable, making it convenient for use in various locations such as offices or cafes. The concept stemmed from the increasing trend of remote work, where traditional meeting settings have shifted to public spaces, creating the need for privacy and consideration of others.

The design process involved extensive research, including interviews with acoustic experts and user testing to ensure technical feasibility and user acceptance. The device's unique form factor, inspired by harmonica holders, addresses the challenge of securing a heavy device around the mouth while considering portability and fashion. Voice Mask was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in 2022, recognizing its innovative approach to social design and technology integration.


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Voice Mask: A Concept Wearable Device for Confidential Online Meetings
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