Introduction to /DESIGN/newswire

/DESIGN/newswire is a distinguished press release distribution platform dedicated to the art of communicating the essence and innovation within the design world.


Operating as a meritocratic international newswire, press release, and media showcase service, /DESIGN/newswire focuses on promoting designs that have been recognized for their creativity, excellence in art, architecture, fashion, products, projects, innovation, and technology. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the creative community—encompassing designers, architects, and brands—and the global media landscape.

/DESIGN/newswire platforms serve as unique gateways for journalists and the broader design community to discover and highlight both original and celebrated designs. By utilizing rich, high-resolution visuals and diverse media formats, /DESIGN/newswire enriches the traditional newswire service, encouraging a global appreciation for the wide range of design philosophies and achievements.

Importance of Design-Focused Press Releases

Visibility and Recognition

Press releases centered on design highlight the creative process and innovation behind each project, offering designers and firms the visibility and acknowledgment they merit.

Professional Credibility

Achieving coverage in esteemed design publications boosts a designer's or firm's professional standing, demonstrating the high calibre of their work.

Market Influence

Design-focused press releases can sway the market, establishing new benchmarks and expectations for design excellence.

Community Engagement

Sharing achievements through press releases promotes a culture of learning, inspiration, and collaboration among the design community.

Understanding Our Distribution Options

Explore our tailored distribution services designed to maximize the reach and impact of your design-focused press releases to journalists, press members and content creators worldwide.

Enhanced Distribution
Specialized Electronic Dissemination

Targeting design, architecture, and lifestyle publications, this service is ideal for those seeking to highlight their latest projects and achievements to a niche, influential audience.

Ultra-Premium Press Release Distribution
Comprehensive International Exposure

Offering physical dispatch to over 8,000 media outlets globally, this option is perfect for significant announcements that demand widespread attention across various media formats.

Winner Transmission (Free)
Exclusive for A' Design Award Winners

Leverage the prestige of the A' Design Awards with complimentary electronic distribution, ensuring your award-winning work is celebrated and recognized globally.

Submission Checklist and Preparation Requirements

Ensure your submission shines with our comprehensive guide.


Ensure your press release is focused on design, innovation, or technology.

Clarity and Communication

Use clear, understandable language free from industry jargon.

Accuracy and Verifiability

Include accurate, verifiable facts and figures.

High-Res Images

Include high resolution images and media.

Preliminary Review

Ensure your project obtains a free preliminary score of 6 or higher.

License and Declaration

Provide us with Intellectual Property License for image use and distribution.

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