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Design Award Agency Unveils Innovative Website Design by Gyula Takács

HUNGARY -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Jul 03, 2021

Gyula Takács, a Hungarian architect based in Helsinki, Finland, has recently completed the design of the website for the Design Award Agency (DAA), offering a unique platform for designers and design awards.


Gyula Takács Showcases Cutting-Edge Website Design for Design Award Agency

Gyula Takács, an accomplished architect, has unveiled his latest project, the website design for the Design Award Agency (DAA). The platform aims to connect designers with design awards, streamlining collaboration and competition browsing. The website's concept embodies simplicity, functionality, and connectivity, featuring animated large geometric shapes that capture attention.

The DAA, designed by Gyula Takács, serves as a hub for current design award opportunities and provides a platform for internationally recognized designers to showcase their projects and create online portfolios. It facilitates connections between talented designers and design awards, fostering new business opportunities and relationships within the international design industry.

The website's structure, text boxes, and buttons were meticulously designed in Figma and brought to life using WIX. Additionally, digital marketing materials and vector-based illustrations were crafted using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, while animations were created in Adobe After Effects.

Gyula Takács' website design for the DAA offers a seamless user experience, presenting the agency's mission statement on the home page, featuring highlighted design awards and designers, and enabling visitors to search and browse awards and designers across various categories. Furthermore, visitors can register for DAA's services and select from a range of tailored marketing packages.

The project, which took place in Helsinki, Finland from 2020 to 2021, required extensive research to develop a visually striking identity that aligns with the website's functionality. The website's visual appearance, characterized by animated large geometric shapes and a blend of symmetry and asymmetry in the illustrations, reflects the careful attention to detail and creativity invested in the design.

Gyula Takács' exceptional work on the DAA website has earned him the Bronze A' Design Award in the Website and Web Design category in 2022. This accolade recognizes his outstanding and creatively ingenious design, showcasing strong technical and creative skills that contribute to quality of life improvements.


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Gyula Takács Showcases Cutting-Edge Website Design for Design Award Agency
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