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Introducing Forest Tidy: A Wooden Neat Box for Efficient Desktop Organization

CHINA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Aug 11, 2021

Yibo Dai's Forest Tidy is a compartmentalized storage design that optimizes desktop space, providing an efficient and attractive solution for organizing various items.


Forest Tidy: A Unique Wooden Storage Container

Forest Tidy, designed by Yibo Dai and team, is a wooden neat box that offers a practical and visually appealing solution for desktop organization. With its large capacity and multiple separate compartments, it efficiently stores pens and other items, transforming cluttered spaces into tidy, organized environments. This innovative design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of desktops, living rooms, and studios but also optimizes space utilization, promoting a more productive work environment.

Utilizing flexible combination options based on user habits, Forest Tidy can be integrated into a stable unit when not in use. Its vertical storage design efficiently organizes various items, saving space and creating a pleasing, efficient workspace. Additionally, the computer heightening table features tree-shaped feet that can be adjusted to accommodate user preferences, promoting better posture and tidier desk spaces. The retractable keyboard and mouse storage further enhances the efficient use of office resources in limited spaces, offering a convenient user experience.

Forest Tidy's three-dimensional space storage layout contributes to a more organized home and work environment, helping users standardize their storage habits. The project, initiated in August 2021 in China, was inspired by the concept of compartmentalized storage design, resulting in a unique and practical solution for desktop organization.


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Forest Tidy: A Unique Wooden Storage Container
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