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House of Joy: A Colorful and Pet-Friendly Residential Design Project

TURKEY -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Jul 19, 2022

Asım Yüksel unveils "House of Joy," a modern haven in Ankara, Turkey, designed to offer peace, relaxation, and joy for a modern, independent female client and her cat.


House of Joy: Asım Yüksel's Residential Design

Asım Yüksel introduces "House of Joy," a vibrant residential design project located in Ankara, Turkey, aimed at providing a modern, independent female client and her cat with a colorful and spacious haven. The project, completed in June 2022, is a unique blend of amorphous lines and sharp forms, offering comfort and functionality while embracing the client's love for soft colors and spaciousness.

The 165-square-meter flat, situated on the 21st floor, features three distinct volumes: the central living area, kitchen, and home office; the sleeping quarters with two bedrooms and two bathrooms; and the terrace quarter with outdoor space, dining room, and library. The design seamlessly integrates custom-made furniture and carefully selected design items from renowned brands, creating a joyful and pet-friendly environment.

Utilizing 3D renders and plans, Asım Yüksel combined pastel colors, wood textures, amorphous surfaces, and linear lighting to realize the client's vision. The project's unique feature lies in the integration of the cat's needs, including a playground and climbing area in the TV unit, as well as custom-made furniture to accommodate food containers and litter boxes.

The project, awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, showcases Asım Yüksel's dedication to creating innovative and practical designs that meet professional and industrial requirements, contributing to a better world.


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House of Joy: Asım Yüksel's Residential Design
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