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Introducing the IN-VR Impression: A Revolutionary Desktop VR Device

CHINA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Oct 03, 2022

Qian Hongliang unveils the IN-VR Impression, a desktop VR device designed to revolutionize the VR experience with its innovative features and convenience.


IN-VR Impression: Redefining VR Experience

Qian Hongliang introduces the IN-VR Impression, a groundbreaking desktop VR device that addresses the common challenges faced by users of traditional VR devices. Unlike head-worn VR devices, the IN-VR Impression offers a more convenient and portable experience, allowing users to enter the VR world more efficiently and quickly. The device's unique design stores the controller on both sides, eliminating the hassle of finding and storing the controller after use.

The IN-VR Impression is designed to fold easily for storage on a desktop, providing a seamless user experience. The controller's wireless charging capability and its function as an ambient lamp enhance the overall user experience. With dimensions of 180mm×190mm×210mm, the device offers a compact and practical solution for VR enthusiasts.

Qian Hongliang, along with the design team members Zhang Jianmin and Li Haining, developed the IN-VR Impression in Shanghai from March 2022 to November 2022. The project stemmed from extensive research and user interviews, aiming to create a VR device that simplifies the user experience and integrates seamlessly into users' lives.

The IN-VR Impression has already received recognition, winning the Iron A' Design Award in the Wearable Technologies category in 2023. This prestigious accolade acknowledges the device's practicality, innovation, and ability to meet professional and industrial requirements, setting a new standard in the VR technology landscape.


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IN-VR Impression: Redefining VR Experience
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