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Sogno Jewelry Design Unveils Brand Identity System Inspired by Nature

REPUBLIC OF KOREA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Oct 13, 2022

Sogno Jewelry Design introduces a brand identity system inspired by natural textures, symbolizing trust and lasting values, created by 'Named' from Seoul


Sogno Jewelry Design's Brand Identity System

Sogno Jewelry Design has unveiled a new brand identity system, inspired by the natural textures of Sogno jewelry. The design, created by 'Named' from Seoul, draws inspiration from the shape of plants, with the logo reflecting the gracefulness of a stem and the details of leaves. The fig tree serves as the main design motif, symbolizing trust and wisdom, essential elements of the brand's essence.

This unique project aimed to create a visual expression that enhances the customer experience and positions Sogno as a sustainable and trusted brand. The brand's 'circle' symbolizes the special connection between individuals, embodying the creation and development of relationships, in line with Sogno's philosophy of the non-retrogressive cycle, a fundamental principle of nature.

The brand identity extends across various touchpoints, including the logo, illustration motifs, colors, signage, packaging, and even the interior of Sogno's boutique shop. The design also incorporates the use of actual fig trees within the space, providing customers with a sensory experience that aligns with the brand's natural concept.

The project, which commenced in October 2020 and concluded in March 2021, involved extensive research, including interviews and surveys to understand the unique brand image of Sogno. The insights gathered emphasized the importance of providing customers with a special 'experience' in addition to fine jewelry products.

One of the notable creative challenges overcome in this project was the design of Sogno's ring case, which was shaped like a blossoming flower to reflect the brand's philosophy. Overcoming technical obstacles, the team produced and tested fifty prototypes to achieve the desired circular shape and blossoming-like opening method, ensuring stability and functionality.

'Named' is a brand design company based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, known for its sensitivity to societal trends and its ability to build differentiated brand platforms through close partnerships with clients.


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Sogno Jewelry Design's Brand Identity System
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