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Introducing Minach: A Minimalist Watch Design by Esmail Ghadrdani

IRAN -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Sep 04, 2021

Esmail Ghadrdani presents Minach, a minimalist watch designed to showcase time in its simplest form, with a unique and attractive appearance. This stainless steel timepiece challenges traditional watch design, offering a clean, faceless look with hidden straps and a concave glass made of polished mineral crystal.


Minach: Redefining Timekeeping with Minimalism

Esmail Ghadrdani's Minach watch redefines timekeeping with its minimalist approach, removing all extras to solely display time. The watch face is devoid of signs and symbols, emphasizing simplicity and elegance. The unique feature of the watch lies in the central placement of the time adjustment button, allowing for a distinctive and intuitive user experience.

Constructed from stainless steel in dark and light tones, Minach boasts hidden straps seamlessly integrated with the body. The concave glass, made of polished mineral crystal, adds a touch of sophistication to the design. With dimensions of 43mm in width, 43mm in depth, and 9mm in height, Minach embodies the essence of minimalism and functionality.

Inspired by a minimalist approach, Minach represents a culmination of extensive research on minimal watches, aiming to create a special, simple, yet captivating timepiece. Esmail Ghadrdani's dedication to removing unnecessary features while maintaining functionality and elegance is evident in the design's unique form and operation.


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Minach: Redefining Timekeeping with Minimalism
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