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Frida Hultén has been awarded the famed Golden A´Design Award

ITALY -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Nov 12, 2023

It is jewellery, but not as we know it…Innovative adornments crafted from unique materials by Jewellery designer Frida Hultén.


The multifunctional Aphrodite at A´Design Award & Competition

The project Aphrodite by Frida Hulten is a Laureate of the prestigious Gold A' Design Award at Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Competition from among thousands of nominated designs. Born in Sweden, Frida spent two decades on an adventure, a journey spanning many cultures, countries and continents. In London, she discovered an insatiable passion for design. After an interior design course and a short stint in apparel design, she knew by instinct that her heart lay in the world of intricate items. Frida has chosen Milan as her current base. Frida’s love of mystery, of the ancient world and for the life force itself that shows in each piece of her hand-made jewellery. Curious and open, she learns from each new environment she explores, allowing rare insights into a myriad of cultures and bringing an infusion of diverse influences to her work."Bespoke costume jewellery is an extremely powerful and visible tool of personal expression. It’s immensely satisfying to design with innovative materials that give voice to the inner essences of the material and wearer,” says Frida. “I want people to feel they are adorned with something that has a story. ”Her pieces encompass an ever-growing range of materials including antique trinkets, semiprecious stones, rare beads, leather, copper, brass, antique silver and other unique objects found during her travels through dusty markets.


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The multifunctional Aphrodite at A´Design Award & Competition
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