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Introducing Push Collection: The Sustainable and Modular Armchair Design by Alessandro Morello

ITALY -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Sep 01, 2021

Alessandro Morello's Push Collection is a sustainable and modular armchair design that redefines minimalism and functionality, offering a conscious and environmentally friendly seating solution. The project, which began in October 2019 and concluded in March 2021 in Padova, Italy, has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Design Award in 2022.


Push Collection: Redefining Minimalism and Sustainability

Inspired by a strong minimalist influence, the Push Collection by Alessandro Morello embodies the essence of minimalism by stripping down the armchair design to its core elements. The collection's standout feature is the reduction of the armchair design to a minimum, emphasizing the essential elements and achieving a visually light aesthetic.

What sets the Push Collection apart is its commitment to sustainability. The armchair is crafted from die-cast and extruded aluminum for the frame, a 100% recyclable material, and features upholstery made from technical fabric obtained through the recycling of PET, derived from plastic bottles. This sustainable approach not only ensures environmental consciousness but also delivers robustness and durability.

Moreover, the modular aspect of the design allows for the creation of multiple items using a minimal number of basic elements, resulting in a substantial saving of production resources and a reduction of investment costs.

The Push Collection's technical specifications include dimensions of W:540mm, L: 570mm, H: 750mm, and it is stackable, offering versatility and practicality in various settings.

Alessandro Morello, along with Riccardo Bertolla and Paola Zanovello, overcame creative and technical challenges to merge aesthetic, comfort, and sustainability seamlessly. The project's goal was to achieve the right aesthetic balance while enhancing the product's essence and promoting sustainability.

The Push Collection's design approach reflects a conscious and environment-friendly way of living, focusing on usability and sustainability rather than aesthetic intricacy. The combination of minimalist design principles and sustainable materials underscores the collection's purpose, making it a standout addition to contemporary furniture design.


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Push Collection: Redefining Minimalism and Sustainability
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