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Introducing the Acorn Light System by Desislava Sredkova

BULGARIA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Sep 01, 2022

Desislava Sredkova unveils the Acorn Light System, a sustainable lighting concept that harnesses natural daylight to illuminate indoor spaces, promoting energy conservation and sustainability.


Acorn Light System: Harnessing Natural Daylight for Sustainable Illumination

Desislava Sredkova introduces the Acorn Light System, a revolutionary sustainable lighting concept that leverages natural daylight to brighten indoor spaces. Inspired by childhood memories of playing with light and mirrors, Sredkova sought to address the increasing need for energy conservation in today's world.

The Acorn Light System features LED-lit panels with mirrors on the flip side, capturing sunlight during the day and reflecting it deeper into the room, effectively increasing the amount of natural light indoors. At night, the mirrors can amplify the brightness of a single ceiling-mounted light source, offering a more sustainable lighting solution. The system includes freestanding, table, wall-mounted, and ceiling lamps, each customizable with different shapes and sizes of shades.

Constructed with metal tubes and a metal body, the Acorn Light System's innovative use of acrylic mirrors sets it apart, providing a simple yet effective solution to enhance its performance. The project, which commenced in October 2022 and concluded in January 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria, addresses the need for sustainable lighting solutions in both traditional and contemporary living spaces.

Desislava Sredkova's Acorn Light System was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, recognizing its well-designed, practical, and innovative approach that meets professional and industrial requirements, contributing to a better world through sustainable design.


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Acorn Light System: Harnessing Natural Daylight for Sustainable Illumination
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