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Local Brisbane Designer Wins International Design Award

AUSTRALIA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Nov 17, 2023

Amanda Dempster, Brisbane-based designer, receives global acclaim and international recognition for her Iron A'design Award-winning brand identity design for Tathra Beach Eco Camp, showcasing the destinations resilience post-bushfires through innovative design at an international standard.


Local Brisbane Designer Amanda Dempster Wins Prestigious Iron A'design Award

Amanda Dempster, a talented brand designer, local mum, and director of a local marketing agencies Milk & Holiday Brands, has achieved global recognition by winning the prestigious Iron A'design Award for her work on the brand identity for a tourism destination that was devastated by the NSW bush fires.Tathra Beach Eco Camp has Amanda to thank for their new found global recognition and award winning brand. Amanda and her brand design was recently honored at the Gala dinner and award ceremony held in Milan, Italy, and showcased at prominent exhibitions like the Museum of Good Design in Milan and China.The Iron A'design Award, part of the esteemed and internationally recognised A' Design Award and Competition, celebrates exceptional design excellence across the globes creative community, making Amanda's success a remarkable accomplishment on an international scale. Her innovative approach to the Tathra Eco Camp brand identity stood out among competitors, earning accolades from a distinguished panel of design professionals, academics, and industry experts.Even more remarkable is the story behind the design. Amanda's design for the Tathra Beach Eco Camp identity drew inspiration from the destinations profound story of rejuvenation after the devastating New South Wales bushfires. The brand symbolizes the location's history of growth and rebirth through the visual representation of 'tree rings of life,' distinguishing it from other conventional eco-tourism branding at the time and telling the story of the change & evolution experienced by the land the holiday park stands upon.'Following the incredible destruction caused by the NSW bushfires a few years ago, Tathra Beach Eco Camp sought to redefine itself through a branding effort that narrated its story of resilience and renewal. I remember seeing on the news the scorched kilometres of land and video clips of the walls of fire with people running into the ocean as their only means of escaping the destruction'.'Those images stuck with me, and when Carmen from TBEC asked me to help design the new brand and showed me images of all of the caravan parks' facilities just completely burnt to the ground I instantly felt connected to the project', Amanda said.Amanda's innovative brand design for the holiday park not only reflected the destination's rich cultural and first nation roots but also conveyed hope, evolving change, and a renewed commitment to eco-tourism.The resulting brand identity, unlike any seen in Australian eco-tourism at the time, incorporated color psychology principles, local fauna considerations, and architectural elements and colours, resulting in a cohesive brand that spans across physical and digital mediums and is now recognised and enjoyed by caravanners, campers and glampers who come to experience the park. Amanda said 'the exciting challenge revolved around creating an identity that paid homage to the location's story and history, whilst exciting new guests about its new future and it's special location.'Amanda's award success lies her delivery of a brand that honors the land's cultural significance while promising a unique experience for visitors.Amanda Dempster, based in Brisbane, Australia, is an accomplished brand designer and mum of two.She started as a junior designer straight of out high school and after working her way up the ranks, started her own agency in 2008 and has worked on brands for small businesses through to multinational mergers, earning her and her team numerous nationally recognised awards, but it's her passion for design and commitment to delivering unique results for her clients that have garnered international acclaim and recognition through this award.


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Local Brisbane Designer Amanda Dempster Wins Prestigious Iron A'design Award
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