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Introducing Simple: The Freestyle Wireless Charger by Yong Zhang

CHINA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Nov 28, 2022

A New Era of Wireless Charging Unveiled by Yong Zhang's Simple


Simple Wireless Charger: Revolutionizing Wireless Charging

Yong Zhang introduces Simple, a groundbreaking wireless charger designed to meet the growing demand for charging multiple electronic devices simultaneously. The charger's flexible materials and multi-coil matrix significantly enhance charging efficiency, while its reel structure and detachable charging module break the limitations of traditional wireless chargers.

Simple Wireless Charger, with its unique design and realization technology, utilizes a multi-coil structure and WPT system to optimize the coil structure and increase the coupling coefficient, enabling the charging of multiple devices simultaneously. The charger's specifications include 3000mm*4500mm*4700mm, and it is tagged as multifunctional, modular, and portable.

The charger's interaction is user-friendly, allowing for easy positioning of the device on the flexible base, and its retractable reel design ensures convenient storage. The project, initiated in October 2022 and completed in October 2023, was carried out in Fushun, Liaoning Province, China.

Yong Zhang's research in wireless charging led to the creation of Simple, addressing the need for charging multiple devices simultaneously and enhancing user freedom and charging efficiency. The design overcame challenges related to understanding user needs and harmonizing product structure, resulting in a high degree of freedom and multi-scene design concept.

Yong Zhang, an Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the College of Art Design, Liaoning Petrochemical University, has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Silver A' Design Award. His innovative product designs have been widely acclaimed and featured in various media outlets.


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Simple Wireless Charger: Revolutionizing Wireless Charging
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