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Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry Wins Platinum at the A' Jewelry Design Award 2023

ITALY -- /DESIGN/newswire -- May 16, 2023

Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry by Xincheng Zhang has been honored with the Platinum A' Design Award for 2023, signifying outstanding design achievement in Jewelry Design.


Xincheng Zhang wins Platinum at the prestigious A' Jewelry Design Award with Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry.

Xincheng Zhang's groundbreaking Jewelry sets new standards for innovation and excellence, earning prestigious Platinum A' Design Award recognition in the A' Jewelry Design Competition.

In a significant acknowledgment of design excellence and innovation, it has been officially announced that “Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry” by Xincheng Zhang has been distinguished with the platinum award status at the prestigious A' Design Awards for the year 2023, in the highly competitive jewelry design category.

This distinction honors the remarkable design quality and innovative approach embodied in the creation. The Platinum A' Design Award not only underscores the exceptional design and conceptual prowess of the Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry but also emphasizes the influential role of Xincheng Zhang in elevating standards within the jewelry domain.

The visionary behind “Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry” Xincheng Zhang, has been acknowledged for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design. A deeper look into their portfolio and philosophy can be found at their profile, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation.

To explore “Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry” and its groundbreaking design features further, interested parties are invited to visit the design|newsroom where high resolution images, multimedia content, interviews and translations are available for the award-winning jewelry.

About Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry

The designer integrates five culturally significant flowers, which are lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, calla lily and magnolia, into one whole piece. Flowering period of the five different flowers alternates throughout the year, implying happiness all year round. This is a piece of transformable jewelry developed from traditional jade carving and metalworking. Hand carved natural nephrite jade and set in 18K gold with diamonds inlaid,corundum set in the centre. The flower bangle disassemble to 5 different petal pendants, a cocktail ring and a simple bangle for multiwear needs.

About A' Design Awards

The A' Design Award & Competition, celebrated worldwide for honoring superior design, distinguishes itself through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by a panel of industry experts, journalists, and academics. The A' Design Award celebrates the diversity and innovation of designs across various categories. A' Jewelry Design Award honors outstanding design of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants, cufflinks, anklets and more.


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Xincheng Zhang wins Platinum at the prestigious A' Jewelry Design Award with Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry.
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