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Longcheer Hotel: A Harmonious Seaside Architecture by Zhubo Design

CHINA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Nov 25, 2021

Zhubo Design's Longcheer Hotel in Shenzhen, a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, was completed in 2019


Longcheer Hotel: Harmonious Seaside Architecture

Zhubo Design's Longcheer Hotel in Shenzhen is a stunning example of harmonious seaside architecture, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings. The 470-meter-long coastline inspired the design, integrating the terraces, mountains, and sea into the building, creating a natural and harmonious feel. The hotel's unique design features a folding and undulating "streamer" that distinguishes public and private spaces, creating a captivating contrast between unit facades and large glass curtain walls.

The hotel's design also boasts advanced realization technology, with hotel room balconies forming rectangular cells that subtly interact with sunlight and reflections. The building's specifications include a total land area of 450,000 square meters, a construction area of 58,240 square meters, and a volume rate of 0.8, standing at 21.7 meters with 6 floors above ground.

The project, which began in 2015, overcame various challenges, including slope finding and drainage for the gardening surface. The design successfully integrates the landscape into the building, making it a part of the natural environment while respecting the local terrain and culture.


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Longcheer Hotel: Harmonious Seaside Architecture
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