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Introducing Paraiso: A Paper Swatch Book by Izabela Jurczyk

POLAND -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Oct 17, 2022

Izabela Jurczyk unveils Paraiso, a vibrant paper swatch book inspired by the colors and textures of Central and South America, designed to inspire creativity and streamline material selection.


Paraiso: A Visual Journey Through Decorative Papers

Izabela Jurczyk's Paraiso is a captivating paper swatch book that encapsulates the essence of Central and South America through a stunning array of decorative papers. The project, which commenced in April 2022 and concluded in December 2022, is a testament to meticulous research and innovative design.

The sampler showcases a diverse range of papers and cardboards for printing and decorating, thoughtfully curated to aid in the selection of the perfect raw material based on color, texture, and weight. Comprising three sets, namely recycled, colored, and white papers, the book serves as a valuable tool for designers seeking the ideal material for their projects.

Paraiso's visual booklet complements the paper samples, presenting an extensive variety of prints and refinements, including hot foil stamping, blind stamping, punching, screen printing, and the use of carefully selected Pantone colors. The meticulously crafted cover features pockets for the described sets, ensuring functionality and organization.

The design process involved extensive research into the selection of printing techniques for various substrates, leading to the development of special dies and multi-level matrices tailored to the unique fibers found in natural materials such as hemp, grass, and cotton.

Recognizing the significance of the project, Paraiso was honored with the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023, celebrating its exceptional creativity, technical prowess, and contribution to enhancing quality of life.


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Paraiso: A Visual Journey Through Decorative Papers
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