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Introducing Boat: An Innovative Functional Sculpture Toy by Guangpeng Yue

CHINA -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Aug 19, 2021

Guangpeng Yue's Boat is an innovative interactive toy that breaks the monotonous interaction mode between products and users, offering novel and interesting interactive experiences through feedback on the perception of its surroundings. The project was completed at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in October 2021.


Boat: Redefining Interactive Toy Experiences

Boat, designed by Guangpeng Yue, is a groundbreaking interactive toy that introduces new possibilities for products to interact with people and the environment. It offers users a unique and engaging experience through language and gesture-based activation, departing from traditional mechanical switches. The toy's interactive feedback on the perception of its surroundings enriches the user experience, making it a truly innovative product.

What sets Boat apart is its utilization of 3D printing for all modeling, transmission mechanisms, and hardware structures. This approach perfectly aligns with the form of modeling and rhythm of the transmission mechanism, resulting in a seamless and efficient production process.

The toy's dynamic integration mechanism is a standout feature, allowing for a free and dynamic connection without the need for traditional assembly. This innovative approach not only streamlines the production process but also enhances the overall functionality of Boat.

Boat's design is inspired by the movement of arthropods, with its main axis modeled after the spine of arthropods. This unique design approach, combined with the use of 3D printing, results in a toy that exudes vitality and rhythm, setting it apart from traditional interactive toys.

Boat is equipped with a highly sensitive vibration sensor and a concave directional track on its main shaft surface. When the sensor detects vibration, the toy comes to life, with the main drive shaft rotating and the structure within the groove of the rotation shaft moving due to gravity, propelling the toy forward.

Guangpeng Yue's dedication to innovation and creativity has been recognized with the Bronze A' Design Award in the Fine Arts and Art Installation Design category in 2022. This prestigious accolade celebrates Boat's outstanding and creatively ingenious design, showcasing strong technical and creative skills that contribute to improving the quality of life.


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Boat: Redefining Interactive Toy Experiences
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