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A different and creative vision in coffee packaging design

IRAN -- /DESIGN/newswire -- Nov 12, 2023

You have to be bold and creative to create a different work, in a good design you have to have a broad vision so that what you have in your mind shines in the real world.


PROSHOT coffee packaging design and coffee production process with amazing giants

In the design of Proshot coffee packaging, the designer's focus is to find a suitable solution to communicate the visual creativity of the packaging with its audience in order to convey the brand message in a brilliant and effective way. It is a clever narrative that recounts the process of coffee production by creating amazing giants so that all those who work in this process can contribute to their success.By entering the "inner child" of the audience through these giants, the designer has conveyed happiness and good feelings and left a good impression on them.Revolutionary and funny giant characters sprits love and happiness in these years. The relation between giant characters and their nomadic tools of coffee processing with nature represents how care we must have to protect our environment and be aware of global warming while producing our products.Creativity and ideation in design with a different theme is a suitable solution to convey your message to the audience.


PRODHOT coffee Co. / CEO: Ms. Khadivi & Mr. A.Shirouzhan / Designer: Mohsen Koofiani DesignPRWire English/ENG Professional  Packaging
Last Updated: 2023-11-10 17:43:21
PROSHOT coffee packaging design and coffee production process with amazing giants
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